Cape Town City Ballet has employed Brett Phillips as Head of Medical at the Company to ensure the wellbeing of all our dancers

With ballet dancers generally being one of the most at risk sporting population groups for injury, Cape Town City Ballet made the decision at the start of 2020 to address the situation to try and attempt to reduce injury rates and improve dancer health and wellbeing in the company.

To this end, sports physiotherapist and UCT academic, Brett Phillips was employed as Head of Medical at the company. With the launch of a medical department at the company, this was a landmark moment for performing arts in Africa, as Cape Town City Ballet became the first dance company in Africa to have a full-time dedicated medical staff members for their dancers.

Throughout 2020, Brett and Associate Physiotherapist, Bianca Leader, ensured that the dancers of CTCB received consistent medical care for all injury management and rehabilitation.

With the challenges of COVID-19, the service has been threatened due to financial constraints at the company. However, with a collective effort from the company’s administrative staff, management and the medical staff members, the service was enabled to continue at no running costs to the company, allowing funds to be utilized for dancer and staff salaries and the ongoing management and running of the company.

Cape Town City Ballet’s commitment to dancer health has resulted in this service being maintained in 2021, with our overarching goal being to continue to provide high-class medical care to our dancers at CTCB and facilitate their ability to continuously perform at their best, allowing the company to thrive.


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